Covid Business Support funding deadline approaching fast

Hi and thanks for dropping in.  This is something that could really help you and your business here in Donegal (or anywhere in Ireland) in dealing with the impact of Covid-19.

I’ll keep this outline brief as all the details you need are in the links attached for applying for this funding, but in a nutshell – there is money being made available through the Donegal Local Development to help develop your business if you have been impacted by Covid 19 (…and who hasn’t?)

They are open for applications until Friday, May 15th, (just a week from this blog post) for small business owners – less than 50 employees – to claim up to €2,500 for third party consultancy fees to help create strategies to help steer you out of this difficult time and on into the future. 

These fall under a number of categories listed on the application but the areas where myself at Glass Mountain Digital Media can help you is under two areas they have identified:  

1: Implement remote working processes or procedures


2:        Leverage Information Communication Technology (ICT) expertise 

The LEO states: “The purpose of the voucher is to provide contingency planning advice to assist businesses to continue trading through the crisis. The primary aim of the scheme will be to support companies make informed decisions on the immediate measures needed to continue trading in the current environment while securing the safety of all employees and future business viability through identification of remedial actions.”

If the two areas I identified are something you could really use some help with, now is a great time to look at working with us to formulate ways of helping people learn more about your business through marketing and how you do this from a remote location. 

I think Donegal was always been deemed a bit remote by others standards but anyway we are OK with that!  What is being said really is simple – learning to work from home, or on the road, or on the top of Errigal for that matter!

There are lots of ways to connect with the right people to grow your business so get in touch for a chat. 

You can apply here:

Thanks Eamonn

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