Give your videos some kick with motion graphics

The power of video to connect with our audience has come sharply into focus for many businesses during Covid.

In this new landscape it is through video that often we meet, present, sell, in some cases socialise, and other times use it as a platform for learning.

As this medium becomes the new norm, particularly in business as a sales and marketing tool, it can also be a great way to reinforce your brand identity.

That’s what we at Glass Mountain Digital Media love to help companies with – share their stories to help grow their business.

One area we can help is with the small details that can go a looong way to making your online video presentations more eye-catching and professional looking through something as simple as  animating your company logo.

We use motion graphics in many of our video projects to add visual depth, impart important information and reinforce brand identity. 

The example I want to highlight here is a collaboration I worked on recently with some friends as a way of helping us through the lockdown and us being unable to practice our beloved martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu due to the coronavirus restrictions.

I had worked on animating the distinctive ‘G’  logo the club uses for a promotion video I made a couple of years ago for the Rilion Gracie Jiu Jitsu Association in Ireland

As well as making the logo come to life on the screen, we rounded it off with a simple call to action inviting new members to take part in this brilliant sport/martial art, as well as including social media and website contact details at the end.

Roll forward (no pun intended to those who have trained a little!) to this Covid era and we are literally locked out of our academy and all classes were cancelled.

What could we do?

Videographer Emmet Toner came up with a plan to film the head coach Brian Coyle, conduct an online fitness class members could follow along with online as a way of keeping fit and active until we could return again to the matted halls of our club in Letterkenny.

When Emmet had his edit complete we repurposed the graphics from my original promotion video back into his new production with the result of reinforcing the brand and giving it a slick, professional graphic to complement the quality filmed content.

The feedback was great and many complemented the professional look and feel of the production – which was what it was all about.  Well, that and keeping us connected and active as we await the chance for us to go back to attempt to kill each other in our pyjamas all in the name of learning new skills and having a lot of fun in the process.

The question I ask now is this – Is this this something that would benefit your company and help it stand out from the crowd?

If you think these seemingly small but stylish details can help raise your online video profile and brand recognition, then get in touch.

These animated graphics are something that can be reused time after time for online and social media content and may help give you an edge over your competitors. 

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